A new concept in ventilation environment for livestock
The Avifan 57 "hood can deliver a high air flow with low power consumption is the hood with greater energy efficiency in the domestic market
Postado em 21 de maio de 2021
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The production of animal supply of meat, milk and eggs comprises a number of interrelated processes that act as a complex network of factors, particular requirements and characteristics for each species.

Research in environmental comfort zone in the production of animal protein has been a major important factor in the progress of poultry activities, swine and dairy farming, increasing expected results for the areas of genetics, nutrition and health, allowing the production of these animals reach results exceptional.


Animal welfare

The animals reach an optimal level of productivity when they are held in a thermoneutral environment in which the food energy is not diverted to compensate for deviations from the thermal thermoneutral range to eliminate or maintain their heat.

The agricultural production in tropical and subtropical countries is affected by high temperature values, which negatively interfere with the production of animal protein, especially when the animals are in the final phase. When exposed to conditions of heat stress by high temperatures, there is a decrease in feed intake and, consequently, reduced weight gain and feed conversion worse.

Ventilation is one of the most important factors in setting the animals, being able to condition in much of the success of the production. By introducing fresh air in the external environment establishment, the ventilation system becomes a critical factor in animal production for the following reasons:

  • Moisture reduction produced by birds as well as in the breathing process in elimination of feces; reducing the moisture in the bed, which come from feces, drinking fountains, misting system, and others;
  • Control the ambient temperature both in heat and in cold seasons as thermally regulating the environment to remove the heat generated by the animals, equipment and stemmed the thermal load introduced into the shed by solar radiation;
  • Renewal of environmental oxygen consumed by respiration of birds and elimination of gases such as ammonia and carbon dioxide, resulting from the fermentation of the organic wastes and animal beds.

As regards the exchange of gaseous pollutants from oxygen, promoted by the ventilation system, in pig farming, in addition to CO 2 production in animals breathing process there is also a generation that stemmed gas from anaerobic digestion of waste swine, and the CO 2 is 30 to 40% of the biogas generated.

The Avifan 57 "hood is a great machine for the ventilation work in animal husbandry environments.

With propeller blades produced in high strength polymer and unique design specially designed to decrease noise and increased performance besides the existence of air routing improvement device (central spinner) in the center of the propeller, the hood Avifan 57 " outperforms the aerodynamic flow extraction assisting in a better extraction contributing to the uniformity of airflow within the shed, allowing the best rates of cooling and ambience.


energy efficiency

A very important factor in choosing which hood model using the ventilation system is energy efficiency.

When we talk about energy efficiency we must seek the best ratio between flow and exhaust energy consumption. This efficiency is commonly described in "cfm / Watt" nomenclature describing air flow in cubic feet per minute that the extractor can extract the authoring environment with consumption of only 1 Watt.

The hood Avifan 57 " can deliver a high flow of air with low power consumption, with high values cfm / Watt, these values being even proven in the laboratory (proven values in Bess Lab), with the same level of competitiveness with models and established brands in the global animal protein production, allowing the hood Avifan 57 " is the hood with greater energy efficiency in the domestic market.

In addition to the renewal of exhaust components Avifan 57 " (propeller, venturi, cone, etc.) a major contributor to this high energy efficiency is the electric motor National excellent quality, which is a WEG motor produced in Brazil, available in 1 settings , 5hp and 2,0cv, motor have long tested and field.


Noise on the premises

In addition to the physical well-being, which manifests itself through a good state of health, we must also consider the psychological well-being of the animal, which is reflected in their behavior, is important so the absence of abnormal behavior.

In this matter the noise appears as a psychological component important and might be a potential source of fear in animals thus damaging their psychological well-being.

Animals have a different spectrum of audible sounds with maximum sensitivity at frequencies that are inaudible to humans, and continual noises can be uncomfortable and even harmful to the animals, directly affecting energy consumption as well as the reproductive physiology of the animal.

In birds, the levels above 80 decibels (dB) in the authoring environment cause increase in plasma corticosterone level, this being indicative of impaired well-being, and have an impact on the quality of the meat. Research has shown that noise levels above 80 dB resulting in a significant increase in proportion to heterophile lymphocytes in broilers body, indicating increased stress response.

In the case of pigs, research also shows that these when exposed to prolonged noise or even intermittent 90 dB have their cortisol rates, ACTH, norepinephrine and epinephrine increased directly affecting the state of stress of the animal.

A major concern in the ventilation of livestock systems environments is the noise produced by closure systems and insulation of exhaust fans (blinds, buterffly, etc.) for when the closing thereof, commonly occurring high intensity noise occurs.

The closure system and isolating the hood Avifan 57 " is made of stainless steel with doors polymer composite material and aluminum providing improved operation and reduced noise, and provide tight seal to light and air.

Moreover, because of the unique and exclusive design of the blades of the propeller hood Avifan 57 " , the noise levels produced by the machine when in operation, are shown below levels harmful to animals, being proven in several field tests.


Safety at work in animal husbandry environments

We must remember that in the animal production environment not only find the animals housed there, there is also the presence of people, workers who meet the animals' needs through the management of the farm.

The extraction of air by exhaust also becomes beneficial to the health of workers themselves who work in animal husbandry, for the confined spaces of livestock can also pose respiratory hazards to human health due to the presence of dust and harmful gases.

In addition, the hood Avifan 57 " has front guardrails and back made of steel material with epoxy paint with shaping design that meets the standard NR12 the Ministry of Labor, allowing the employee to approach the operation of equipment without risk is an incident in limbs and body.

These guardrails prevent body approach or even only with one of the upper limbs (arms and hands), reducing the risk of an accident at work.

Another feature extractor Avifan 57 " that provides a healthy working environment for the worker when he needs to do some maintenance on the hood, are cone features and the venturi, which are produced in high strength polymer with UV protection, each being this lighter and more durable than conventional cones and venturi, providing, in addition to great aesthetic to the product, easy assembly.


Technology and domestic production

The best animal protein production rates are now in the hands of integration companies that constantly seek what is best in equipment technology, whether in national or international market.

Today there is a huge demand for exhaust with high-flow, high energy efficiency and high reliability, and the supplier brands of equipment have customarily positioned with imported products in relation to the hoods.

The first time a company provides equipment manufacturing with 100% national, and an equipment to the height of the best brands in the world in the matter of ventilation of livestock spaces.

The characteristics that have the hood Avifan 57 " as the best extractor in the domestic market are the result of three years and a half of research and development from conception" in clipboard ", through the production of it and reaching the aftermarket, making the Corti Avioeste stand out as a supplier of the biggest and best hood, with improved energy efficiency and high technology manufactured on Brazilian soil.


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