Corti Avioeste partner of the Social Project Include
Postado em 13 de setembro de 2021
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There are things that excite and volunteer work is one of them. The art of doing good, mobilizing people to promote social actions and transforming lives, brings a feeling of immeasurable satisfaction.

The INCLUIR Project in the city of Santa Isabel do Pará-PA is an example of this. A project that aims to create opportunities and promote the inclusion in sports of children, adolescents and adults with physical, intellectual, autism, attention deficit and needy children.
There are currently 55 students, 45 with special needs, with classes twice a week.
In addition to including people with disabilities in sports, the project intends to democratize their access to sport, develop and promote quality of life and health and prepare them to participate in parasport sporting events.

Corti Avioeste is proud to be part of this partnership together with the regional Sales Agent Rosinaldo Silva from the company Avecenter. We want to thank and congratulate the sales agent for encouraging the project, as we believe we are on the way
sure to transform lives.

After all, being different is normal!

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