Santa Catarina expands by 35% pork exports in 2020
Last year, Santa Catarina shipped more than 523,300 tons of pork destined for 67 countries
Postado em 18 de janeiro de 2021
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Largest domestic producer of pork, Santa Catarina follows expanding markets and consolidating its international presence. In 2020, Santa Catarina agribusiness had a 35% increase in revenues with product shipments, reaching US $ 1.2 billion. This is the best result in history. The figures are released by the Ministry of Economy and analyzed by the Socio-Economic and Agricultural Planning Center (Epagri / Cepa).

"This result demonstrates the strength of this state 's agribusiness, which is one of the engines that drive our diverse economy. With the State Government effort, industries and producers, got a good performance even in a year of a pandemic, "said Governor Carlos Moses.

Assistant Secretary of State for Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Ricardo Miotto, highlights that agribusiness Santa Catarina had important achievements in 2020, particularly in pig farming, and makes optimistic projections for this year.

"With hard work, we exceeded the $ 1 billion barrier with exports of pork and this is a very interesting volume of business for Santa Catarina. In 2021, despite the rise in input prices, pork will remain favorable and we will continue accessing markets and increasing the volume of exports. "

He adds: "We have to celebrate and have a lot of responsibility to continue keeping our operating production chain, profitable, generating jobs and income for farmers throughout the state."

Last year, Santa Catarina shipped more than 523,300 tons of pork destined for 67 countries. Mainly China, Chile, Hong Kong and Japan. The state accounted for 52% of the total exported by Brazil, ie more than half of all pork sold in the country is Santa Catarina origin.

The momentum of the Santa Catarina swine production is mainly due to two factors: state be recognized by the extreme caution with the animal health and the increasing demand from China for animal protein.


China follows as largest buyer market

China accounts for over 60% of Santa Catarina pork exports in 2020. The sale of the product to the Chinese brought a $ 740.2 million revenue, 76% more than in the previous year.

The high Chinese demand is a reflection of African swine fever, a disease that has wiped out most of the herds and made the country seek other suppliers. "Although China is rapidly recovering their herds pigs, the expectation is that in 2021 still register increments in terms of value and quantity exported to that country," the analyst Epagri / Cepa, Alexandre Giehl.


Good time to pig farmers

The surge in exports also impacted the profitability of pig farmers in Santa Catarina. As president of the Pig Breeders Association of Santa Catarina (ACCS), Losivanio Luiz De Lorenzi, the increase in shipments and the stronger dollar caused industries, cooperatives and pig farmers come out winning.


"It was a year very positive and historic for pig husbandry. We hope that in 2021 also have this export always in high profitability and to continue to invest in animal welfare and the health of our flocks," he says.


Increase in sales to premium markets

With a different health status and recognized internationally, Santa Catarina increased sales to markets considered premium:. United States, Japan and South Korea These countries are known for high requirement and also the purchase of the noblest products.

Japan, for example, has become the fourth largest destination for exports from Santa Catarina with $ 43 million in sales - 108% more than in the previous year. Sales to the United States increased by 57% in revenues.


Differential of Santa Catarina production

Santa Catarina has a different health status, which opens the door to the most demanding markets in the world. The Integrated Agricultural Development Company of Santa Catarina (Cidasc), in partnership with the private sector and producers, keeps tight control of borders and of this state 's herd.

The state is the only one in the country recognized by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) as FMD free zone without vaccination, which shows great care to animal health and is extremely valued by meat importers. Moreover, Santa Catarina, along with the Rio Grande do Sul, is classical swine fever-free zone.



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