Metallic Silo
Cód.: 9822


  • Made of NBR-7008 ZC 275 galvanized steel plate;
  • Complete sealing between steel plates made using caulk based on synthetic rubber, with characteristics that remain unchanged over time, with flexibility, adherence, plasticity and anti-corrosion;
  • Equipped with a set of adjustable lids and stoppers ensuring full air circulation;
  • Control display made of high density crystal polycarbonate, with anti-UV protection and 95% transparency, allowing a clear visualization of the food level; 
  • Safe, robust and efficient equipment with great durability;
  • Equipped with upper guard rails;
  • Fixation with screws and nuts, with 8 micron trivalent yellow zinc plated protection and flexible PVC sealing washer;
  • Lateral outlet for manual feed removal made of NBR-7008 ZC 275 galvanized steel plate;
  • Available in models: 4, 6 and 8 feet of support.


  • Cleaning door, which allows for allows for better sanitization of the silo;
  • Load cell, allowing weighing control.

Storage capacity, as shown in the table below

Codes with (*) are also available in the model with PLATFORM NR12
The storage capacity described in the table was calculated based on a feed whose density is 650 kg/m³.

Controlled Operation
Controlled Operation
Feature 03
Feature 03
High Durability
High Durability
Resistant Product
Resistant Product
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