Agro Immersion Complex Sales
An event focused on sales for Agribusiness in Southern Brazil
Postado em 13 de maio de 2024
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On May 9th and 10th, 2024, the Vendas Complexas Imersão Agro event was held in Concórdia/SC, aimed at boosting sales in the agribusiness sector in the southern region of Brazil.

The meeting was a milestone, bringing together more than 300 participants from 90 different cities in the country, transforming these two days into a true incubator of knowledge and networking opportunities with renowned experts in the field.

The insights and practices shared by the speakers provided significant enrichment to our commercial managers, increasing the quality of customer service and deepening the understanding of specific needs and the most effective solutions for each business.

We express our gratitude to the professionals who dedicated themselves to continuous improvement and embraced this challenge with us. Together, we are not only strengthening, but also raising the standard of Brazilian agribusiness.

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